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Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska

Kansas Kickapoo Tribe Website

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Website

Sac & Fox Nation of Missouri - In Kansas and Nebraska Website

Kaw Nation Website

Haskell University Website

Kansas University Indegenous Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

➢ How do I trace my American Indian/Native American ancestry or check to see if I am eligible for enrollment in a tribe?

The Kansas Native American Affairs Office does not carry out genealogical research. However, general information about tracing American Indian/Alaska Native ancestry to a federally recognized tribe is available at the Bureau of Indian Affairs website. A good place to start is by downloading the Guide to Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry from the BIA Website, which gives valuable information on the process.

➢ How many reservations are located in Kansas?

There are four resident tribes in Kansas that have reservations. The tribes are:

➢ How many federally recognized tribes are there across the United States?

➢ How do I find contact information for the federally recognized tribes?

➢How to I find information on scholarships for American Indian/Native American students?

➢How do I request a proclamation from the Governor?

For more Frequently Asked Questions about Tribal Governments, Federal-Tribal and State-Tribal Relationships, please follow this link to the Bureau of Indian Affairs FAQs, http://www.bia.gov/FAQs/index.htm.